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Jane AlpertJane Alpert, Masters in Psychology
Santa Monica, California
Jane Alpert is a Marriage and Family therapist who uses voice dialogue to help her clients develop increased awareness and balance in their lives. She does not foster dependence. Empowerment is always the goal.

Anastasia BeloshapkoAnastasia Beloshapko, MSW/Psychology
San Francisco, California
I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Psychology Professor. However, prior to these titles, I have been on a path of self-inquiry and in search for inner truth. I believe that a successful therapist must actively do their inner work in order to better serve others. I commit to provide for you safe and connecting environment, as well as therapeutic tools, that can support you in looking within.

Bonnie Bernell - Ed.D.Licensed Psychologist, Voice Dialogue for individuals, couples. SoulCollage workshops. Continuing education courses for psychologists, social workers, marriage/family counselors. Author, Bountiful Women: Large Women's Secrets for Living the Life They Desire.
USA - Los Altos, California
Telephone: 650-941-9000
Email: BLBernell@aol.com
Website: http://www.BonnieBernell.com and http://www.BountifulWomen.com
Mary DisharoonAbby Caplin, MD, MA
San Francisco, California
I am a physician who specializes in Mind-Body medicine. I work with people who are struggling with all sorts of health challenges and illness. I've been using Voice Dialogue with my clients/patients since 2002. I have found it to be extremely helpful in discovering those Selves that have energetic repercussions for the body.
Tracey Coddington - Voice Dialogue Facilitations and Private Consultations, Yoga
USA - Mendocino, California
Telephone: 707-964-3406
Email: tracey@mcn.org
Mary DisharoonMary Disharoon, MA, LMFT
Voice Dialogue California
Petaluma, California
I discovered Voice Dialogue in 1994 and frankly, I’ve never looked back. I was fortunate to learn the Psychology of Selves theory and the Voice Dialogue method from the creators, Hal and Sidra Stone PhD’s. But as is usually the case, I’ve also learned from nearly every Voice Dialogue session I have either given or gotten.
Elina  FilippovaElina Filippova, MSW
Voice Dialogue California
Richmond, Clear Lake, California
I am a Licensed Clinical Social worker at the VA. In my private practice I work best with adults and teenagers who feel stuck. I am trained in Voice Dialogue, Motivational interviewing. My therapy approach covers present problems, patterns of behavior and exploration of how the past influences our present life.
Iudita HarlanIudita Harlan
San Francisco, CA
I specialize in working with small groups and individuals dealing with compulsive behavior issues, sexual and physical trauma issues and lately have a great interest in how group support can help strengthen the Aware Ego process.

Heather HowardHeather Howard, PhD, MPH (both in human sexuality)
Center for Sexual Health and Rehabilitation
San Francisco, California
I have been practicing voice dialogue and learning how to utilize sexual response to manage my own pelvic pain condition. I became a sexologist to help people who have health challenges to adjust sexually.
Ananya HixonAnanya Hixon, M.A.
Interfaith Counseling Center
San Anselmo, California
Voice Dialogue and a Jungian orientation continue to be the primary foundation for my work. Having done much personal healing and exploration, through a variety of modalities, I have an otherwise eclectic tool kit. Travel, age, and many life transitions gives me a breadth of experience to bring to my work with clients.
Cynthia HymowitzCynthia Hymowitz, M.A.
Santa Rosa, California
Facilitating (and attending) Voice Dialogue workshops and trainings has always been an inspiring, joyfull, and spiritual experience for me. Unexpected things happen as we witness each others healing and transformation. Recognition of the universality of our human-ness evokes deep compassion for each other and for our ”selves”. This creates an incredibly safe, creative, yummy, and sacred space.
Anna IvaraAnna Ivara, New School for Social Research
Marina del Rey, California
I offer a co-creative Alternative Therapy for Personal Development. We work together to heal old wounds and open interior ‘doors’ to desires, artistic inspiration, intuition, and business strategies, with psychospiritual clarity. Trained by Hal Stone, I’ve been doing Voice Dialogue facilitation and group teaching for over 40 years.
Terry KennedyTerry Kennedy, LCSW.
Ukiah, California
I have had a passion for the exploration of consciousness since the late 1960's. I have relentlessly pursued this exploration through the study of psychology and spirituality in both academia and through participation in several leading psycho-spiritual teachings including Voice Dialogue. My overarching perspective on consciousness work is that you can only take people as far as you have gone in your own personal work.
Barbara LovejoyBarbara Lovejoy, MSW
Marin County, California
It gives me great joy to share with others the tools and benefits of my own forty plus years of personal work and professional training in the areas of personal and spiritual growth, healing and transformation. Voice Dialogue radically transformed and upgraded the quality of my own life and professional offerings when I was first introduced to it in 1990, by Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone.
Nicolee McMahonNicolee McMahon, MFC
Encinitas, California
Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor MFC 21677 - Facilitating people in Voice Dialogue since the early 1980's in San Diego, California.

Deborah MorrisDeborah Morris, MSW
Cotati/MillValley, California
I first discovered Voice Dialogue in 1987, through the suggestion and facilitation of my dear friend, Shakti Gawain. I was in a stuck place feeling “burned-out” in the way I was approaching my work as a psychotherapist. At the time, I believed that I needed to have the answers for my clients’ problems.
Lawrence Novick, Ph.D.Lawrence Novick, Ph.D.
Los Angeles
I have been involved in the work since 1979. I was in the very first training program, helped staff the first seminars and many others, was staff at almost all the Summer Kamps, and have continued in the work as well as specializing in Energy Perception Training, bringing my expertise in Aikido to the teachings.

Elaine RosensonElaine Rosenson, M.A.
My passion is to create a deep, soulful experience for each person with whom I work. There is nothing quite like Voice Dialogue to create that experience. Voice Dialogue transported me light-years ahead in my own personal development and in my work with my clients.

Gloria J. MogJohn G. Rubel, PsyD, ABPP
San Francisco, CA
Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves is a cornerstone of my clinical work. It enables me to better understand how the human psyche, soul, spirit and body function, so that I can use all of my professional and personal skills to create opportunities for individuals to feel more connected and stabilized with their SELVES.
Alice Morgan Simmonds M.S. Alice Morgan Simmonds, M.S.
Mill Valley, California
I come from the Baltimore, and after age 16, divided my time between England and New York before settling in California 21 years ago. I now live between Mill Valley and Italy, and over the years, the travel and cross cultural sense has given me a deep appreciation and connection to what I consider ' Voice Dialogue reality'. I came to Voice Dialogue...

Marcia SingerMarcia Singer, MSW
Santa Rosa, California
I am able to embrace all our Selves, having gone to the depths, breadths and heights in reclaiming my own aliveness. I've discovered --and inducted -- hundreds of subpersonalities, and deciphered their inter-relationships.

Trina Swerdlow Trina Swerdlow, BFA, CCHT
Danville, California
I love sharing practical tools that empower people, and help them move toward their personal and professional goals. Psychospiritual work has been life-changing for me personally and I am grateful to pass on important tools to others. Hypnotherapy, Voice Dialogue, and Sand Play work are several modalities that I offer.

Nancy YoungNancy Young, Ph.D.
Costa Mesa, California
I’m passionate about psychology and believe the Voice Dialogue, Psychology of Selves, and Aware Ego process provides the clearest and most elegant model available for personal growth, consciousness, and transformation. It is certainly the best model I know for examining and coming to terms with conflict, regardless of whether the conflict is internal or interpersonal!
John-Michael-ZinnJohn-Michael Zinn, Ph.D.
Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California
Marriage and family counseling, career counseling, spiritual counseling, changing the subconscious belief system, helping high school students discover their authentic self and design their life and career around that, rights of passage for teens, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, charter school systems, co-dependency and boundaries.
J Tamara StoneJ. Tamar Stone
Boulder, Colorado
Some people are fortunate to be born with their life’s mission laid out clearly before them. It took me some time to realize that I was one of those lucky ones. Although my father and my stepmother, Hal and Sidra Stone, were there to walk the path of Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves before me, this path was clearly mine as well....

Jennifer WaltonJennifer Walton, MA, Psychology
Boulder, Colorado
My private practice includes Voice Dialogue, Nutrition, Biofeedback and a powerful process called SQi, (Spiritual Intelligence Assessment) an Integral theory-based emotional, cognitive, spiritual transformational tool for personal and professional development.

Phyllis CarreraPhyllis Carrera
A compassionate, creative counselor, coach and facilitator, Phyllis serves individuals in transition and women in recovery seeking to let go of old identities and outworn habits, embrace all of who they are, and create authentic lives and healthy relationships.

Doris ShannonDoris Shannon, MBA
Consciousness first called my name, at the age of 21, when I learned my MBTI type (INTJ). But, it became my passion when I learned about Hal and Sidra's work, as I was becoming a True Purpose coach. With this new insight, I was able to identify my life's mission.

Sindona Cassteel - MA Clinical Psychology, LMFT, provides Voice Dialogue in the healing energy of the Big Island; transformational work with aloha to heal the heart. Specializing in relationships, spiritual quests, clinical applications, sacred journeys, & training; telephone sessions offered for individuals & consultations for therapists using Voice Dialogue.
Big Island, Hawaii
Telephone: 808 883 8363 or 916 956 4818 (cell)
Email: sindona@gmail.com
Deborah SevyDeborah Sevy
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
For the past 20 years I have studied and trained in a variety of psycho-spiritual approaches. Having dedicated my life to understanding myself emotionally and spiritually, my deepest satisfaction comes from helping others explore their own inner realms. I was attracted to Voice Dialogue because...

Dr. Jan AndersonJan Anderson, Psy.D., Clinical Psychology
Louisville, Kentucky
 LPCC- Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, Certified Yoga Instructor, MA Counseling Psychology, Voice Dialogue facilitator since 1995. Completed Level II/III Training.
Ruth BerlinRuth Berlin, LCSW-C
Annapolis, MD
I use a variety of other methods in addition to Voice Dialogue in my work with individual clients and couples, depending on the presenting issues and cleint needs including Psychosynthesis; meditation; guided visualizationindividual and couple therapy.

Ann DobbertinAnn Dobbertin, MSW, LCSW-C
Hyattsville, MD
Voice Dialogue has had a profound influence on my personal and professional life. I use it daily as I am journaling, when I feel confused or stuck, even when I am swimming (I change my position in the lane as I hear from the different voices). It truly grounds and centers me.

Abby RosenAbby Rosen, Ph.D
Annapolis, MD
The most effective modality for transformation I have found, one I use both personally and professionally in my practice as a psychologist, is Voice Dialogue, Relationships and The Psychology of Selves.

John LivingstoneJohn Livingstone
I have found that human beings are an intergated organizm of body and mind and are organized into sub-personaliy parts or selves, plus an awareness function. I have a Self that believes it is important to help re-shape medical care according to the above prinicple.

Janny PadelfordJanny Padelford
St. Paul
I've been blessed to be drawn to work I feel passionate about. The journey for me personally has been ongoing into the body, the psyche, and the spirit. Although my foundation is mainly Voice Dialogue and i try to meet the client where they are and with what they need and, depending on the clients' needs, goals, and openness to different modalities...

New Jersey
Shemsi PrinzivalliShemsi Prinzivalli, Ph.D
Ramsey, New Jersey
I have a private psychotherapy practice, where I have worked for for over 25 years. I specialize in addictions and relapse prevention, couples and sex therapy, anxiety, depression, and the host of difficulties which are the nature of human struggle.
New Mexico
Regina WaterSpirit - Voice Dialogue Facilitations and Study Groups. Inner Patriarch work with women's groups and individuals.
USA - Alb uquerque, New Mexico
Telephone: 505-891-1339 cell 505-620-4507
Email: reginaws@yahoo.com
New York
Bridget Dengel GaspardBridgit Dengel Gaspard, LCSW
New York, NY
Bridgit Dengel Gaspard is Co-Founder of New York Voice Dialogue Institute where she teaches Voice Dialogue and creativity empowerment workshops. She is a skilled and sensitive Voice Dialogue facilitator and psychotherapist in private practice in New York City. Her eclectic approach to healing also incorporates her certifications in Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Cognitive Behavior Therapy and training in Imago therapy.
Koumidou CenterKoumidou Center, LLC
Lynbrook, NY
The Theory of the Psychology of Selves is the basis for all our CE approved courses offered on Zoom. Visit our Program Calendar for ongoing monthly offerings, www.koumidoucenter.com

Koumidou CenterQuietude Retreat Center
Schoharie, NY
The Quietude Retreat Center is located in the foothills of the picturesque upstate New York mountains. The space is conducive for deep work in the Psychology of the Aware Ego and the Selves in the form of individual and couples retreats.
Yolanda Koumidou-VlesmasYolanda Koumidou-Vlesmas - LCSW, BCD, CHt
Lynbrook, NY
Yolanda is the author of The Inner Eater Selves, Integrating the Parts of Personality Involved in Overeating. She is a licenced psychotherapist and Senior Voice Dialogue Facilitator and Teacher.
Erik PotempaErik Potempa - BS Business Administration Oregon State
Astoria, NY
Erik Potempa is a grounded and compassionate Voice Dialogue practitioner and trainer. He specializes in helping creatives and over-worked professionals overcome ambivalence, and find balance in accessing their fullest potential. He co-teaches trainings with Bridgit Dengel Gaspard.
Dianne BradenDianne Braden - MA, LICDC, Jungian Analyst
Solon, OH
I'm one of those lucky people who stumbled on a career that both suits my interests and nurtures my passions. As an analyst, I love working with dreams and am endlessly fascinated by the movement of unconscious processes seen in art, fantasy, and daydreams. As a Voice Dialogue Facilitator...

Iudita HarlanIudita Harlan
Aurora, OH
I specialize in working with small groups and individuals dealing with compulsive behavior issues, sexual and physical trauma issues and lately have a great interest in how group support can help strengthen the Aware Ego process.

David CesanaDavid Cesana
Portland, Oregon
When the pandemic hit, like so many others I had time to reflect on my life and the story I was telling myself about “who am I?” and realized there was still more within me that needed expression. I realized I’d been playing it safe for years and was really feeling stuck. I wanted a bigger game that felt challenging but also was fun and enlightening. I longed to discover my true purpose and a deeper sense of myself - not defined by my past, but who I am now.
J'aime ona PangaiaSharon Flegal, M.A./Human Development
Portland, Oregon
I've been actively working and practicing with Voice Dialogue and the psychology of the aware ego for over 30 years. I'm grateful for every day that these transformative tools have been in my life. As a licensed marriage and family therapist, I use Voice Dialogue as a lens or a basic framework of understanding.
J'aime ona PangaiaJ'aime ona Pangaia, A.D. Nursing, A.D, L.A.
Voice Dialogue Center NW
Portland, Oregon
I am a Voice Dialogue teacher, trainer and practitioner, starting from 1985 and the author of the book "An Introduction to Voice Dialogue: Finding the Benefit of People Who Bug You." I post current writings at facebook.com/VoiceDialogueJaimeonaPangaia/
Bonnie PfeifferBonnie Pfeiffer M.A.
Ashland, Oregon
Working with clients for over 35 years now, I only continue to grow in my respect and gratitude for Voice Dialogue as the years go by. Not only has it been the most healing & powerfully life-changing/life-enriching process I have ever experienced, but this has also been the case for so, so many of the clients that have found their way to Voice Dialogue and found resonance with it. I am immensely grateful…
Jogen SalzbergJogen Salzberg
SolisLuna Integrated Awareness
My passion in life is opening up spiritually and emotionally, to be alive and awake in the world and helping others to do that, too.
J'aime ona PangaiaTamara Yates, MDiv, ThM
The Voice Dialogue Path
Corvallis, Oregon
Voice Dialogue is my practice and my passion. My own journey to separate from selves and develop an Aware Ego Process has been deeply rewarding and continues to transform my life in so many ways. What a joy and an honor to facilitate others as they make their own journeys with Voice Dialogue!
Judith HendinJudith Hendin
Conscious Body & Voice Dialogue Institute
I have been in love with Voice Dialogue for 30 years. As a a senior Voice Dialogue trainer and facilitator, I served on the teaching staff of Hal and Sidra Stone, and the national staff of Shakti Gawain. I have taught widely in the US, and have led 50 trainings in Europe.

South Carolina
Susan McClureSusan McClure - PsyD
Charleston Center for Voice Dialogue
Throughout my life, whether through poetry, photography, psychotherapy, dream work, or Voice Dialogue, all of my passion and intensity seems to have been directed towards making contact with the many exquisite ways in which we are connected to the Organizing Intelligence of the Universe and...

Dona E. Diftler, LCSW
Licensed Clinical social Worker, Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, Certified Employee Assistance Professional. Voice Dialogue facilitation for Individuals and Couples. Level One Training In Voice Dialogue.
USA - Knoxville, Tennessee
Telephone - 865-588-0488
Email - ddift@yahoo.com
Website: www.donadiftler.com
LeAnne I. Dougherty, LCSW, DSW - Certified Jim Shim Jyutsu Practitioiner. Individual and couple workshops and consultations with Voice Dialogue.
USA - Knoxville, Tennessee
Telephone: 865-588-1923 - Extension 101
Fax: 865-988-8885
Email: ConscJD@aol.com
M. Dorsey Cartwright - LFMT, Delos Senior Staff, creator of tapes and sessions combining Voice Dialogue/Imago Relationship Therapy, and certified presenter of Dr. Harville Hendrix's Imago workshops for couples and individuals.
USA - Austin, Texas
Telephone: 512-444-7733
Email: Mdcartw@aol.com
Website: www.VoiceDialogueTrainings.com, www.Imagoworks.com
The Texas Institute of Voice Dialogue - Directors, Dorsey Cartwright, author of Voice Dialogue & The Psychology of Selves, The Basic Teacher's Training Manual, and Neil Meili, poet, offer on-going classes, facilitations and Trainings.
USA - Austin, Texas
Telephone: 512-444-7733
Email: Mdcartw@aol.com and MeiliNeil@hotmail.com
Website: www.VoiceDialogueTrainings.com
Gloria J. MogGloria J. Mog, LCSW
The Stone House
Falls Church, VA
Board Certified Diplomate in Clinical Social Work Individual, couples and group therapy integrating Voice Dialogue, Imago Relationship Therapy and Psychodrama.  Also trained in Gestalt Therapy and EMDR Level II.  Also offering retreat days and week-ends for women through WomenCircles project.
Cassandra Cosme De Pree –Voice Dialogue Facilitator, Dreamwork. Individual, couples and telephone sessions available. Trained with Hal and Sidra Stone and Miriam Dyak. Co-Founder of The Voice Dialogue Institute. USA –Seattle and Redmond, Washington
Telephone: 425-753-2490
Email: cassandra@thevoicedialogueinstitute.org
Website: www.thevoicedialogueinstitute.org
Susan Filley MA, LMFT- marriage and family therapist, Voice Dialgoue Facilitator since 1992. Private/couples/ongoing women's groups/facilitation trainings for practitioners and teachers, groups & retreats, holistic/integrative medicine. USA - Spokane, WA
Telephone: 509-220-9105
Email: sfilley@integmedassoc.com
Catherine KeirCatherine Keir, B.A.
Seattle, Washington
The freedom to choose that can evolve through the attention given to Awareness and the Aware Ego Process has been shown to enrich the quality of people’s lives. My experience of Voice Dialogue verifies for me the continual discovery of an aliveness which emerges step by step and is a tribute to inner development.
Marti LevielMarti Leviel
Bellingham, Washington
Voice Dialogue Trainings, Voice Dialogue Facilitations for individuals or couples.
West Virginia
Rebecca R. RialesRebecca R. Riales
My services for individual one-on-one psychotherapy are provided two 10-hour days per week (Tuesdays and Wednesdays) at Schwabe & Associates, a private behavioral health clinic. We are staffed by approximately ten therapists, plus other professional staff including Psychiatrists, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, assistants to the professionals...








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