The Aware Ego
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The Aware Ego

Five-hour talk on the Psychology of the Aware Ego
by Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone — mp3 Audio Talk
$19.95mp3 (very large 292mb download)

The “Aware Ego” process is a totally new concept and one of the Stones’ major contributions to the understanding of the psyche. It clearly differentiates their work with selves from that of most others in this field.

This definitive audiocast builds upon prior knowledge of Voice Dialogue, Relationship, and the Psychology of Selves, so it would help to have some basic familiarity with the Stones’ earlier work. In these five and one-half hours of discussion, exercises, and demonstrations, Hal and Sidra Stone lead you on a fascinating in-depth exploration of The Aware Ego Process and its role in both the earthly and the spiritual aspects of your life. 

I. Introducing the Aware Ego

In this introduction to the Aware Ego, Hal and Sidra begin by defining it. They follow this with a picture of how the Aware Ego emerges and show how it fits in with their earlier work with the selves. They clearly demonstrate the interplay between the “Operating Ego” (the more traditional view of the Ego) and the newly evolving “Aware Ego”.

II Stages in the Development of the Aware Ego

Here, the Stones trace the three stages in the development of an Aware Ego Process in detail and show the practical benefits of each stage. They take this opportunity to examine the role of Awareness and to clarify common confusions about this aspect of consciousness.

III The Aware Ego as Energy Master: The Energetics of Relationship

This entire section is devoted to the energetics of relationship. – all relationships. They introduce cutting edge concepts of human interactions including their work with energetic linkage as the core issue in relationships.

Then they guide you through a series of exercises that teach you about these energies and train you to get control of your own energy field. Mastering this gives you real choice in your energetic interactions with others.

IV The Realm of the Aware Ego: How to Enhance an Aware Ego

In this section, Hal and Sidra address many of the common misconceptions about the Aware Ego and answer questions that are most frequently asked. They give practical suggestions about strengthening the Aware Ego. And, in closing, they discuss the spiritual gifts brought by the development of an Aware Ego Process.

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