Embracing Your Inner Critic
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Embracing Your Inner Critic

Embracing Your Inner Critic

Turning Self Criticism into a Creative Asset
— softcover
by Drs. Hal Stone and Sidra Stone
Published by Harper San Francisco, San Francisco, California.

The Inner Critic. It whispers, whines, and needles us into place. It checks our thoughts, controls our behavior, and inhibits action. It thinks it is protecting us from being disliked, hurt, or abandoned. Instead, this critical inner voice causes shame, anxiety, depression, exhaustion, and low self-esteem. It acts as a powerful saboteur of our intimate relationship and is a major contributor to drug and alcohol abuse.

Through examples and exercises, the Stones show us how to recognize the Critic, how to avoid or minimize critic attacks and, most important, how the Inner Critic can become an intelligent, perceptive, and supportive partner in life.

  • Introducing Your Inner Critic
  • Chapter 1: What Is Your Inner Critic and Where did It Come From?
  • Chapter 2: How We Talk to the Inner Critic

  • How the Inner Critic Operates
  • Chapter 3: The Critic as the Speaker of Absolute Truth
  • Chapter 4: The Critic's View of the Physical Body
  • Chapter 5: The Wholistic Critic: A Self-Improvement Expert
  • Chapter 6: Critic Attacks and How to Deal with Them
  • Chapter 7: The Inner Critic's Role in Shame, Depression, and Low Self-Esteem
  • Chapter 8: The Critic as Abuser of the Inner Child
  • Chapter 9: The Critic as Killer: Disowning Our Instinctual Energy
  • Chapter 10: The Differences Between the Inner Critic in Women and in Men

    Part III
  • The Inner Critic and Relationship
  • Chapter 11: The Critic as a Relational Creature
  • Chapter 12: Growing Up in the Family: Disowned Selves, Judgment, and the Development of the Inner Critic
  • Chapter 13: The Incomparable Comparer
  • Chapter 14: How the Inner Critic Sabotages Our Relationships
  • Chapter 15: In Summary

    Part IV
  • Transforming the Inner Critic
  • Chapter 16: Understanding the Underlying Anxiety of the Inner Critic
  • Chapter 17: Becoming a Parent to Your Inner Critic
  • Chapter 18: Moving Toward the Creative Life: The Inner Critic Transformed

  • The Basic Elements of Voice Dialogue
    Voice Dialogue IntroductionVoice Dialogue IntroductionVoice Dialogue Introduction
    A Fireside Chat
    Article by Sidra Stone

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