An Introduction to Voice Dialogue & The Psychology of Selves
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An Introduction to Voice Dialogue & The Psychology of Selves

by Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone — mp3 Audio Talk
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If you are looking for a complete introduction to the work of Hal and Sidra Stone, this is it. Originally planned for professionals, but clear enough to be understood by non-professionals as well, this 2-hour mp3 presents an overview of their groundbreaking work with the many selves that make up the human psyche.

In their own words - with familiar examples from everyday life, an informal clarity, and the sense of humor that characterizes everything they do - Hal and Sidra lead the listener effortlessly to an understanding of these selves, the role they play in our lives, and how to work with them. They discuss and demonstrate "Voice Dialogue", their method for working directly with the selves, and the "Psychology of Selves", the theoretical framework that underlies all their work.

The section on Voice Dialogue gives an excellent picture of this method and how it can be used. In their presentation of the Psychology of Selves, they speak of the "Aware Ego Process" (an entirely new concept that blends the psychological with the spiritual) and the "bonding patterns" (which provide a simple universal template for relationship). Finally, they discuss and demonstrate the role of energetic interactions in interpersonal relationships (a neglected area of interpersonal interactions) and show how "It's not what you say, it's who says it!"

This is an excellent introduction for any beginner and a valuable reference for people seeking to reacquaint themselves with this work.
The Basic Elements of Voice Dialogue
Voice Dialogue IntroductionVoice Dialogue IntroductionVoice Dialogue Introduction
A Fireside Chat
Article by Sidra Stone

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