CMSECentre de M├ędecine du Sommeil et de l'Eveil
Switzerland - Geneva
Dr Philippe Kehrer - Florence Kehrer-Bory A global medical and psychological approach to sleep. Voice Dialogue sessions by Florence Kehrer-Bory, trained psychologist FSP in Voice Dialogue.

Ane Haaland - M.A. Social Sciences/ development communication, journalist/ photographer. Offers training in interpersonal, cross-cultural snd health communication, women's strength and values, and Voice Dialogue to individuals and groups.
Switzerland - St. Gallen
Telephone: 41-71-222-6489
Fax: 47-71-222-6438
Email: anehaaland@compuserve.com
Florence Kehrer-BoryFlorence Kehrer-Bory
Switzerland - Geneva
MA. Psychology (Dip. FSP). Private practice since 1985. Individual Voice Dialogue sessions and psychotherapy for adults and teenagers. School and career counselling. French and english speaking.

Joy ManneSusanna Lerch
Luzern, Switzerland
Energywork, conciousness training, the psycho-spiritual process and healing are my major interests. With Voice Dialogue I found a method which allows me to combine my major interests.

Adelheid OeschAdelheid Oesch
Vaud, Switzerland
Voice Dialogue is the perfect tool to discover that "to know is to love and to love is to know." It furthers energetic linkage as the source of joy in life. It is a key to relating deeply to oneself, to others, to nature, to what is beyond us, to an intense welcome of what is.

Joy ManneThe Open Door, Joy Manné
Vaud, Switzerland
The Open Door offers trainings and experiences of Relational Intelligence. It's position is that without thorough knowledge of Voice Dialogue, and in particular, an understanding of the Aware Ego, we are ILLITERATE with regard to our personality.

Dominik SchoenbornAnke Ajana Randegger
Switzerland - Frenkendorf, Basel
Voice Dialogue is a powerful method to experience, understand and, most of all, to love all the different aspects of our being, which leads us to a profound love for ourselves as well as for others.
From my background as a pharmacist, and also from my story with my own body, I am very much interested in the connection between selves and body symptoms.
Dominik SchoenbornDominik Schoenborn
Luzern, Switzerland
Being able to assist other human beings in the process of life, in conditions of suffering and therapy or in conditions of health and psycho-spiritual development, is an honour.

Eberhard WinklerEberhard Winkler
Zurich, Switzerland
Dipl. Psychologe IAP (Licensed Psychologist), Voice Dialogue sessions - individuals/couples. Supervision for advanced trainers. Specialty: Weight problems.


psychology of the selves

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